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How to Use the Suntherm Infrared Panels

The infrared panels can be used for:

  • independent and auxiliary heating of flats, houses, shops and rooms with low clear height

  • heating church pews: using infrared panels is the most modern and energy-saving solution.

Read more in the menu item ‘Energy Efficiency Considerations of Heating systems with Infrared Panels’.

  • heating infrared saunas.

  • heating small workplaces separated from uninsulated halls with large area and clear height

  • heating auxiliary rooms of halls / lavatories, bathrooms, office rooms etc /
  • Local heating

Providing additional heat around baby’s beds.

Providing thermal sensation while watching TV or reading etc.

Direct heating and warming up backs in office rooms or workshops with insufficient heating, directing heat towards the personnel.

  • Cost-effective utilisation of electricity produced by solar systems

Both for grid-connected and standalone solar systems. By using small-capacity infrared panels, the electricity produced in summer can be drawn during the heating season. Heating energy free of charge for the entire heating season of the year.

Heating places for animals Bottom warming for animals /Pig/

Upper warming for animals /Horse solarium/

Heating desks around the legs of the person sitting there


Defrosting automated teller machines (/ATMs/ installed outdoors)


For all places requiring local heating. E.g. for defrosting valves / slide valves etc./ of machines of water utilities

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