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How do Suntherm Infrared Panels Work?

The Suntherm heating panels convert electric energy to heat energy.

The ceramic grains stuck on the surface of the infrared panels maximize the heat transfer on the entire surface of the panel at an infrared radiation of 7 to 10 µm, towards the surrounding area

This is exactly the kind of heat the Sun emits to warm the Earth. The time constant of the heating panels is approx. 10 to 15 minutes. This time is required for the energy coming via the electric connections to warm up the infrared panel to the maximum temperature. After switching-off, the same amount of time must be taken into account for cooling down. The heating panels are available with outputs increasing stepwise from 60 W to 1000 W, with their surface increasing in proportion to the power / 9 to 10 W/dm2 /. The heating panels are of light-weight, therefore they are not capable of storing heat. 


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