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Energy Efficiency Considerations of Heating Systems with Infrared Panels

  • The infrared panels are arranged evenly  on the ceiling of the room to be heated.

Owing to this arrangement, there is not only one thermal radiator with high output which is operated in a hidden corner, but the high output is distributed for the entire area of the dwelling. The temperature will be even everywhere.

  • As compared to the traditional electrical heating, the capacity to be installed is approx. one-third of the traditional system.

  • During transition periods, in autumn and spring,  it is not necessary to start up the other high-power and slow heating system./Radiator, floor-heating etc./
  • You can heat up each room quickly. 

  • - The heating panels heat by infrared radiation. If the heating panels run, the thermal comfort detects 2 to 3 °C higher temperature than the temperature of the air.
  • Owing to the accurate control the heating system consumes only as much energy as absolutely necessary. Each room can be programmed according to its function and duration of use.
  • The most obvious form of energy efficiency occurs with heating church pews.

Churches are buildings with large areas, clear heights, which are used periodically. Warming up the huge space inside the church requires huge amount of energy, which entails tremendous operating costs.

In the case of using Suntherm infrared panels, the space inside the church should not be heated; the heating panels warm up people sitting in the pews directly. The heating panels installed on the pews are operated by rows, switching them manually /centrally or locally/. Depending on the number of people present, only rows of pews that are momentarily used should be switched on. When switching on the rows, the time constant of the heating panels must be taken into account, which is approx. 15 to 20 minutes.

It means that the rows of pews are recommended to switch on half an hour before they are used. This time is sufficient for reaching the operating temperature of the heating panels and for warming up the rows of pews.


Calculation of the operating cost for a 4 m long church aisle with 10 rows of pews.

3 pcs of 220 W infrared panels should be installed in one row of pews. Total capacity 660 W

660 W x 10 rows = 6600 W = 6.6 KW

Operating time 2 hours/week

6.6 KW x 2 hours = 13.2 KW/h

Heating energy / year /KW/h

13.2 KW/h x 52 weeks = 687 KW/h

Heating costs / year, calculated with 40 HUF/ KW/h

687 KW/h x HUF 40 = HUF 27 487

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