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The Physics of Infrared Panels

From the aspect of infrared heating, there is short-wave and long-wave infrared. The short-wave infrared is of high temperature, such as gas infrared heaters with red radiation whose temperature is /700 to 800 °C/ or infrared gas heaters with dark radiation whose temperature is /350 to 400 °C/.

They are suitable for heating uninsulated rooms with large clear height and space.

The long-wave infrared is of low temperature, this type of infrared is used by the Suntherm infrared panels whose temperature is /90 to 110 °C/.

The Suntherm panels are suitable for heating well insulated rooms with small clear height and space. Short-wave and long-wave infrared radiation changes due to temperature difference.  Infrared heaters working with a temperature range above 250 °C are of short-wave, while those working with a temperature range below 250 °C  are of  long-wave. The short-wave infrared can go through the layers of air or glass ahead it. The long-wave infrared, on the other hand, cannot go through those materials. The Sun radiates high-temperature short-wave infrared to the Earth, which can go through both the air layers and the window glass. After reaching the Earth, the solar radiation cools below 250 °C, then is reflected as long wave. Since the long-wave radiation cannot go through the layers of the atmosphere, the Earth cannot cool down; this phenomenon is called greenhouse effect.

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While radiating through the windows, the thermal energy from the Sun can supplement the heating system installed in the flats and houses, due to its short-wave infrared features. Heat energy generated with heating systems utilizing Suntherm heating panels will stay within the buildings, because the radiating panels emit long-wave infrared with low temperature, and the heat radiated so cannot go through the glass of the window, therefore heat radiation from such heating system cannot go outside.

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