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What is Suntherm Infrared Panel?

The Suntherm infrared panels are board shaped heaters with a construction allowing of maximum energy flow on the heating side and minimum energy flow on the inactive back side. It is implemented by ceramic grains stuck on the active side, and high-quality heat insulation and reflective heat shield on the back side. The well-shaped frameworks can meet any aesthetic requirements for the products, facilitate fastening and ensure thermal and electrical insulation characteristics of the products. The active side can be of various colours, matching aesthetically to the environment.  Structure of the SUNTHERM Infrared Heat Panels

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The infrared panels do not include any heated wires, therefore their service life is very long. There are not any parts or components installed in them that could get out of order. The manufacturer’s warranty is 60 months. The active heating surface is constituted of the so-called heater where an electrode is installed along each longitudinal side, close to the edges. Between the electrodes the conductive layer is made up of semi-conductive chemical substance, which is squeezed between two electrically insulating materials. The infrared panel can carry current throughout its surface. The settled conductive chemical layer will not dry even during long-term and constant operation. The active heating surface of the infrared panel is granulated by a quartz layer. By using this technique, the intensity of the radiation can be increased within the limits of the specific geometry, and, as a result, the efficiency of infrared heating panels approximates 100 %. The surface temperature of the Suntherm infrared panels is between 90 and 110 °C, and they run in the long-wave infrared range. The Suntherm electric infrared heating system /the infrared panels/ has double electrical insulation. /Do not ground!/

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