2840 Oroszlány, Kecskédi út 2.

Telefon: +36-34/366-415

E-mail: info@suntherm.hu


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About us

Suntherm Heating Technology, Sole Proprietorship

Suntherm Heating Technology, Sole Proprietorship

A manufacturer of SUNTHERM electric infrared heating panels.

Company History:

From 1983 to 1988:  Installation of electrical wiring and fittings

Form of business: Small-scale undertaking

From 1988 to 1991: Installation of electrical wiring and fittings, installation of electrical equipment, manufacturing industrial electronics

Form of business: Ltd


Main scope of business: manufacturing infrared panels, planning and implementing infrared heating systems

Form of business: Sole proprietorship.

Company Manager: József Bőhm

Registered office: 10 Zichy Mihály Street Oroszlány 2840, Hungary

Site: 2 Kecskédi Street Oroszlány 2840, Hungary

Number of employees: 7 persons

Continuous development.

Tenders for a complex technological investment to be implemented according to the New Hungary Development Plan: 2008

Complex technological investment according to the New Széchenyi Plan: 2010

As a result of our operation, we can take pride in hundreds of satisfied and recurring customers. Our products are all of world-class quality and well-known in numerous countries.

Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Mongolia, etc.

Our slogan is Sunshine and cosy comfort in your home. Enjoy it.

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